Hello, how are you? Long time no write any post on my blog.

I just want to share my life story from the beginning when I started to write a story.

When I was a primary school student, I tried to wrote a poetry and a short story after I red that on a magazine.

After I grew up, when I was a junior high school student, I wrote a short story and my teacher post it on school's board. WOW! It has made me want to write more and more.

Yeah, I tried to write a short story maybe for once or twice a month and also the poetry. I wrote the short story in a paper and I don't save the paper. I hate that!

The time has passed. When I was a senior high school student, I started to write a small novel and I typed it on my laptop or at least, I write it on a book (I don't want to write it on the paper again). I showed my first novel to my friend and she said okay (because I was a beginner at that time). She said to me to improved my skill (of course I do it until now).

So, my first serious novel (not a very short novel again) was wrote  when I was a university student. I don't remember the year, but I guess it was on 2012. The title is Till It become a History (if i don't wrong). I never post it online because that novel is  about my own life. I don't want public to know (after I thought more and more).

And for my first online novel is on 2013, but I delete from my blog and I repost it on my wattpad on 2017. The title is "Elegi Hati" (the title is on Indonesian). Some pages are told about my life, but I change the place, the name, and the situation a little. But the end of that novel is very different from my life because my life is so bored (LOL it's true). So, it's better to change the half of the novel to entertain the readers.

After that, I found a online novel publisher.  The name is "Novel Nusantara". It's a free publisher (you will not get any paid for your novel). I post another novel there and there is a lot of readers. I'm happy and I proud of myself because of that. Many people like my novel.

Now, I move to my wattpad and I'm continuing to write my novel. I hope I can get more nice idea for my future novel.