Hello, how are you? Long time no write any post on my blog.

I just want to share my life story from the beginning when I started to write a story.

When I was a primary school student, I tried to wrote a poetry and a short story after I red that on a magazine.

After I grew up, when I was a junior high school student, I wrote a short story and my teacher post it on school's board. WOW! It has made me want to write more and more.

Yeah, I tried to write a short story maybe for once or twice a month and also the poetry. I wrote the short story in a paper and I don't save the paper. I hate that!

The time has passed. When I was a senior high school student, I started to write a small novel and I typed it on my laptop or at least, I write it on a book (I don't want to write it on the paper again). I showed my first novel to my friend and she said okay (because I was a beginner at that time). She said to me to improved my skill (of course I do it until now).

So, my first serious novel (not a very short novel again) was wrote  when I was a university student. I don't remember the year, but I guess it was on 2012. The title is Till It become a History (if i don't wrong). I never post it online because that novel is  about my own life. I don't want public to know (after I thought more and more).

And for my first online novel is on 2013, but I delete from my blog and I repost it on my wattpad on 2017. The title is "Elegi Hati" (the title is on Indonesian). Some pages are told about my life, but I change the place, the name, and the situation a little. But the end of that novel is very different from my life because my life is so bored (LOL it's true). So, it's better to change the half of the novel to entertain the readers.

After that, I found a online novel publisher.  The name is "Novel Nusantara". It's a free publisher (you will not get any paid for your novel). I post another novel there and there is a lot of readers. I'm happy and I proud of myself because of that. Many people like my novel.

Now, I move to my wattpad and I'm continuing to write my novel. I hope I can get more nice idea for my future novel.

I miss my piano course at school or outside the school. When I join every piano course, I feel so happy. I can play a piano freely, I can learn how to make an arrangement for a song, I can learn how to play the piano with the right hand position, and the other like that.

But, I can’t be a pianist. It’s just a hobby, not a job. But sometimes, when I have a time for think about it, it always bother me. Should I be a real pianist like Yiruma, Richard Clayderman, or the other famous pianist?

I want to be happy as a pianist, but maybe it’s not the best for me if be a pianist is my main job. But, it’s not make me stop to learn about piano. I still learning, learning, and learning.

First Love

Many people say that fall in love for the first time is unforgettable. I'm agree with them. Why? Because, I still can't forget about fall in love for the first time.

I was a teenager at that time. A senior high school student. I fell in love with a man that older than me. I can't hide that happiness moment although we're not a couple until now.

He is my friend. Not only at school, but at the other place. He is a nice and warm man. On the past, we talked a lot although just by a messenger or a text message. We talked about everything. Game, music, hobbies, food, and the other things. We talked and play a online game together until at a day, I tried to ask him to go to the church together. Unexpected, he said yes to me. So, we went to the nearest church together more than once.

Although we are not a couple until today, I still can't forget the moment that has made me happy at the past. I must say thank you to him.
Hi guys!
Now I will update all my writing on my wattpad (move from here).
So, if you want to read all my story, please go to my wattpad (@MelissaFu)
Thank you :)

Random Though

It's just my random though. Forgove me of there is any mistake on this post.

Today I do random things. I cook, and then I lay on my bed. I'm so lazy.

I just though what should I do. I don't like to wear a lot of make up. I don't like to sit on the salon for more than cut my hair. I don't like to watch something on the cinema rather than watch something on the DVD.

I like surfing on the internet to find any new thing. Instagram, google, and Pinterest are my best friend. Facebook, twitter, and youtube are my neighbor. The other social media is just my aquaintance.

Lately I though should I re-design my bed room? I read Ikea's catalogue to many. Because of that, I want to design my future home.

First: I want to buy a new bed sheet. After that, I want to re-design my desk. Maybe in thw future, I want to buy some new wall decoration for my bed room.

I want to take a rest from composing a while. But for food photography, I don't want to take a rest.




最近,我一直认为我应该唱什么歌。 我不知道。 我想学习很多新歌,但我不敢。

为什么我不敢尝试一首新歌? 因为恐怕不能唱这首歌 许多人会对我笑。 我会很尴尬 这就是我的主要原因。

我应该试着唱mandopop歌吗? 我是中国女孩,但是我从来没有唱过任何普通话歌。 我也不会听任何mandopop歌曲。 我不知道为什么,但在印度尼西亚,mandapop不是着名的。 K-pop或J-pop在这里更加着名。


Hello everyone!

How are you?

Lately, I always thought what song I should sing. I don't know. I want to learn a lot of new songs, but I don't dare to sing it.

Why I don't dare to sing a new song? Because I'm afraid if I can't sing that song. Many people will laugh at me. I will be very embarrassing That's my main reason.

Should I try to sing mandopop song? I am a Chinese girl, but I've never sing any mandopop song. I never listen any mandopop song. I don't know why, but in Indonesia, mandapop is not famous. K-pop or J-pop is more famous here.

Should I start to learn from now?


Tidak ada oarang yang bisa tahu dengan persis apa yang akan terjadi pada dirinya. Kita tidak pernah tahu apakah besok kita akan bertemu dengan siapa di tengah jalan (kecuali sudah janjian). Apakah kita akan bertemu teman dekat, teman lama, teman baru, tetangga, bahakan kita juga tidak tahu apakah kita batal bertemu dengan orang yang sudah membuat janji kepada kita sebelumnya.

Sama seperti apa yang pernah aku alami beberapa tahun yang lalu. Ketika itu, aku sudah membuat janji untuk bertemu dengan seorang teman yang tinggal cukup jauh dengan tempatku sehari-hari beraktivitas. Kami membuat janji untuk bertemu dua minggu kemudian. Segala hal sudah aku rencanakan mulai dari menyambut kedatangannya, mengajak makan siang bersama, bahkan mengajaknya berkeliling menggunakan transportasi umum. Semuanya sudah aku pikirkan baik-baik.

Tapi, seminggu kemudian setelah kami membuat janji, dia bertanya kepadaku "Hei, apakah hari ini kita jadi bertemu disana?"

Dengan perasaan terkejut aku membaca pesan singkat itu darinya. Aku berpikir sejenak. Bukankah kami telah membuat janji untuk minggu depan? Lalu, mengapa dia berpikir bahwa kami akan bertemu hari itu?

Aku kecewa. Hatiku hancur. Ternyata, telah terjadi kesalahpahaman diantara kami berdua. Temanku menganggap kalau aku dan dia akan bertemu hari itu. Padahal, aku mengatakan untuk bertrmu dengannya seminggu kemudian dan ternyata, dia tidak bisa datang seminggu kemdian dan aku tidak bisa bertemu dengannya hari itu.

Kita tidak pernah tahu bagaimana nasib kita di kemudian hari. Tapi, kita dapat menentukan nasib kita hari ini agar sesuatu hal baik dapat terjadi di kemudian hari.

My Mood

Hello everybody!

I'm busy with my work now, so I can't post anything immediately now.

Every time I come back home after working, I feel so tired. All I want just sit on the sofa and watch the television or chat with my Mom or my Dad. That's all.

I think, family time is very important. Out live isn't just about working, working, and working, right? We need to socialize with our family too (if we still live at our parent's house). Our family need to know our condition too, especially our parents. That's why I'm pending my new novel because lately I want to spend my free time with my parents.

For my new novel, I'm writing a new novel with Japanese character. Sometimes, I need to move on from Korean to Japanese. Or maybe in the future, I can move to another culture like Chinese (because I'm Chinese), British, or American (well, I have wrote 2 novels with American culture and 1 novel with Chinese culture). I'm too often to write a Korean culture novel because I like K-drama.

How about soundcloud? I don't know. I don't know what song I should cover or what song should I write. I want to be a songwriter too but I don't really know that genre and that song that suitable with me. Haha.

So.... that's all about my daily life.

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