My School Life

Hi all!

Although I'm not a senior high school anymore (already 6 years ago), but I want to tell you about my school life.

School start at 7.15 am and end at 14.00 pm. So, I arrived at school around 6.45 or 6.50. My home is not far from school. Only 10-13 minutes by car (because of traffic jam).

Lunch time start at 12.00 or 12.10 pm (I'm forget) for 25 minutes. But, we have brunch time at 10.15 for 20 minutes. Sometimes I used brunch time for study if there is an exam or read a magazine (lol).

If you join an after school club (extracurricular), it will start at 15.00 pm until 17.00 pm. I joined cooking club every Friday when I was in second grade.

I usually ate my lunch in the class because I usually bring my own lunch. Only sometimes I bought my lunct at the canteen because I don't really like the food from the canteen. If Friday has come, my mom brought me bread or biscuit to be eaten before I start my cooking class.

Sometimes, in my school, there is a gymnastics activities every two weeks. It's usually at Friday on the morning from 7.15 until 8.00 a.m (I don't remember the time exactly).

My school is very big. There is a big sport hall that can be used for basketball, volley, badminton, gymnastics, or ceremony. And than, there is an outdoor volley field, an outdoor basketball field, an outdoor soccer field, and an outdoor field that can be used for gymnastics. And also, there is a big parking lot, and a big hall for graduation ceremony or student contest, or other activities.

There is 5 buildings in my school: kindergarten, primary school, middle school, senior high school, and institution office. Because my school's area is very big, you need to walk a little bit far to reach the school building, especially to the senior high school bulding, the most far from the main school gate.

What I enjoy the most at my school is the library. The library is big, because every student from primary, middle, and senior high school use the same library. I enjoy to read at the library if I have the time. Sometimes, before I start my after school club, I went to the library to spend the time around 45 minutes.

School is not the place for study, but school is also the place for build your friendship and find my first love. The boy that I like for the first time is a boy from the same school.

So many good memories from that school (because I spent my school life from kimdergarten until senior high school in the same school), but so many bad memories too.

The first time I had my piano performance is when I was in sixth grade of primary school in the school hall and before I graduated from senior high school, I had my last piano performance in third grade of senior high school in the annual christmas concert. So, I can't easily forget the school hall and the piano there.

Back to when I was a teenager. I mean around 12 until 16 years old, I ber thought that I hate myself. Why I'm different from the other student? My skin is very white. I can't speak 'r'. Why must people haye me for that?

I was going to school like the other student. We studied in the same school with the same subject. But, why must some of them hate me for being myself?

I just do what should I do. I study, do my homework, join the after school club. That's my daily routine.

Maybe because I ever got 100 or almost 100 for the score in school test? Or maybe because I can playing piano well?

I remember the first time I try to sing in front of my friends at senior high school. They laughed at me. Then I never try to sing again until year 2013 when I had a motivation to sing again.

Okay, my voice when I'm talking is not as good as others. But hey, must you see me with different way?

My skin is so white because I'm Chinese. I'm Chinese-Indonesian.

That's why I was not confident with myself in the past. Some of the people I met was not like me and try to bully me.

I miss the moment when I was a senior high school student. I don't miss the subject like science and mathematics. I don't miss my school's area.

I miss the happiness and the sorrow on that time. When I can learn how to fell in love in the first time although I don't have any boyfriens. When I have some best friends. When I can join the club that I want to join. When I can go to the library and read the same book just to avoid some friends that I hate. When I...

Sometimes, I was happy at the moment. I have a friend that can talk to me on the holiday. We talk a lot almost everyday by messenger or text message.

But know, we are busy in our own. I miss the moment when we can talk freely.

I don't need a perfect friend. I just need a friend that always cheer me up whenever I'm sad. That's all.

To you, my old friend, can we be friend again? And start all over again? I don't care if there are some rumors about us like what happened in the past. We are friend. No more than that.

But, please don't blame me if sometimes I will fall in love again. I can't controll my heart.

Seafood at Bintaro Market

Udang Saus Mentega | Shrimp with Butter Sauce

Cumi Saus Tiram |Squid with Oyster Sauce

Price: Rp 30000 (Srimp), Rp 30000 (Squid)
Place: Seafood 32, Bintaro Market (Night), Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7.
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Indonesian - Chinese

Indonesian Lamb Soup

Sop Kambing | Lamb Soup
Price: Rp 25000 (Small), Rp 30000 (Large)
Place: Sate Mas Warno, Bintaro Market (Night), Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7.
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Indonesian - Javanese

Suzy - Pretend (Cover)

Sunday, 25th 2018

Jakarta City View from the Train

Fried Chicken with Salted Egg

Instant Noodle with Egg and Beef Cornet

Coconut Ice

Some Facts About Me

Hi everybody!

Today I will tell you some facts about me. I know that some of you are curious.

Name: Melissa Dharmawan/Melissa Fu
Age: 23 yo.
Hometown: South Tangerang, Indonesia
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: chinese food, japanese food
Favorite instrument: piano, guitar
Favorite book: mostly romance novel
Favorite sport: swimming
Hobbies: playing piano, write a novel, cooking, take a photo, travelling
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Place I wanna visit someday: USA, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Copenhaegen, Swiss, New York, LA, Sidney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sapporo, Osaka, Jeju Island
Beach or Mountain: beach
Mini skirt or long jeans: mini skirt

Sorry for not posting any novel here. I post my novel on my wattpad account MelissaFu

Thank You

Q & A Part 2 (In Indonesian)

Hi guys! Kali ini aku akan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yang belum terjawab. Semua pertanyaan ini terkumpul dari jaman bahela sampai detik ini.

Q: Apa yang kamu lakukan di hari libur/setelah pulang sekolah?
A: Kalau dulu main game + chatting sama temen. Sekarang sih lebih sering masak, dengerin musik/radio, baca majalah, nonton youtube, blogging/nulis di wattpad. Itu aja.

Q: Kenapa masuk jurusan IT?
A: Karena dulu aku merasa cocok aja.

Q: Novelnya bayak nih. Kenapa gak masuk ke penerbit aja?
A: Pernah masukin tapi gak lolos. hehe

Q: Kenapa kamu masih single?
A: What? No comment. (Sorry for this answer).

Q: Apa makanan indonesian kesukaanmu?
A: Semur, gudeg, nasi langgi, ayam goreng kalasan, pecel, tempe mendoan, soto ayam kadipiro (soto yang terkenal di yogya itu), apa lagi ya? kebanyakan sih makanan jawa, karena papaku dari jawa.

Q: Jawab jujur. Pernah suka sama temen satu kelas/satu angkatan gak?
A: Kalau mau jujur sih, pernah! Tapi cuma suka ya, bukan cinta. Sama dengan aku suka penggemar novelku.

Q: Apakah kamu pernah berpikir buat tinggal sendiri di suatu kota/negara?
A: Pernah. Bahkan dulu aku pernah kepikiran buat gak kuliah di jakarta/tangerang, tapi di kota lain. Pingin menghabiskan hari sendirian. Lega. Tapi gak terlealisasikan.

Sekian pertanyaan yang bisa aku jawab. Wanna ask me some question? Leave the comment on my blog.