Q & A Part 2 (In Indonesian)

Hi guys! Kali ini aku akan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yang belum terjawab. Semua pertanyaan ini terkumpul dari jaman bahela sampai detik ini.

Q: Apa yang kamu lakukan di hari libur/setelah pulang sekolah?
A: Kalau dulu main game + chatting sama temen. Sekarang sih lebih sering masak, dengerin musik/radio, baca majalah, nonton youtube, blogging/nulis di wattpad. Itu aja.

Q: Kenapa masuk jurusan IT?
A: Karena dulu aku merasa cocok aja.

Q: Novelnya bayak nih. Kenapa gak masuk ke penerbit aja?
A: Pernah masukin tapi gak lolos. hehe

Q: Kenapa kamu masih single?
A: What? No comment. (Sorry for this answer).

Q: Apa makanan indonesian kesukaanmu?
A: Semur, gudeg, nasi langgi, ayam goreng kalasan, pecel, tempe mendoan, soto ayam kadipiro (soto yang terkenal di yogya itu), apa lagi ya? kebanyakan sih makanan jawa, karena papaku dari jawa.

Q: Jawab jujur. Pernah suka sama temen satu kelas/satu angkatan gak?
A: Kalau mau jujur sih, pernah! Tapi cuma suka ya, bukan cinta. Sama dengan aku suka penggemar novelku.

Q: Apakah kamu pernah berpikir buat tinggal sendiri di suatu kota/negara?
A: Pernah. Bahkan dulu aku pernah kepikiran buat gak kuliah di jakarta/tangerang, tapi di kota lain. Pingin menghabiskan hari sendirian. Lega. Tapi gak terlealisasikan.

Sekian pertanyaan yang bisa aku jawab. Wanna ask me some question? Leave the comment on my blog.

Q & A

Welcome back to my blog!

I will answer some questions in this post.

Q: What is your real name? Who is Fu Xue Mei?
A: Fu Xue Mei is my chinese name, my rral name too.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Pink and orange

Q: How old are you
A: 24 years in this year

Q: What is your favorite kpop band or group?
A: CNBLUE is always my number one

Q: What do you do on weekend/free time?
A: Watching youtube/k drama, singing, shopping (not always do shopping, cooking, playing a piano, etc.

Q: What do you choose: become a pianist or a singer?
A: a pianist is better for me then a singer.

Q: What is the saddest k-drama have you ever watched?
A: Reply 1988 is great! Funny but sad too

Q: How can you improve your english? Better than some years ago (psstt, I'm following your social media since you using your 4shared)
A: Hahahaha... maybe by listening to many english song, watching movies, read english magazine, read english news, and watch kdrama with eng subtitle

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Can you guess? hahahahaha (just kidding). I'm single and free.

Q: Who is the korean guy that appeared on your IG story? (you capture your chat with him)
A: he is not my boyfriend. he is my friend.

Q: Do you want to be a chef?
A: no. only cook for my family and my friend. sometimes, my cake is mess and i need to throw it to the trash bin (LOL but it's true). I prefer to be a food photographer.

Q: What is the first k drama that you watch?
A: it's song hye kyo's drama that called autumn in my heart.

Q: What is your favorite fashion brand?
A: From eastern: uniqlo. From western: Mango (i like the pink long pants from mango), GAP, Zara (i like the knitted coat), umm... what else?

Q: how often do you wear make up?
A: I don't really like make up. just wear powder and lipstick (sometimes). I prefer to wear skin cake like mask, body lotion, sunblock, etc. So, i'm bad at using make up. I always ask my mom to put the make up for me (if there is a party). I prefer to have natural beauty. And the second reason is because I'm allergy to some make up product. So, I wear the same product for all time (only maybelline, revlon, clinique, and wardah (wardah is indonesian make up brand)).

There is no perfect person in the world. Although you say that someone is so perfect, she/he has a weakness. So, we have our strength and our weakness and it's different for every person.

Like me. Even some people say that I'm perfect or great, but I'm far from that. I have many kind if weakness too. If there is a people say that my music is great, it's not 100% true. My music is not perfect.

So, there is no 100% perfect people in the world.

Missing My Chilhood Memories

I'm missing my childhood memories so bad. As a 90's liner (born on 90's), I have a lot of beautiful memories without any modern gadget (all I know at that moment were PC and DVD player).

When I was a primary school's student, I took a piano course once a week. I like it, although I didn't get good grades.

Other memory that I like is when I took a swimming course. I like swimming, more than playing a badminton. Swimming is a sport that I like, beside badminton, chest, and baseball.

Another beautiful memory that I remember is when I spend my second school's break time, I usually went to school's library. I like reading a book and I borrow a book every a week.

At that time, I didn't know about smartphone. I didn't know about facebook, although facebook has been released since 2004. Because my dad only use our home's internet for his work.

The most important and the most beautiful moment is when I can play with my friends outside our house. We played badminton, bicycling, hide and seek, and rubber jump or "lompat karet" (indonesian traditional game made from many rubber). We usually play it before we start our english course or after we finish our english course.

Why I Like CNBLUE (Korean Band)

I like CNBLUE more than any south korean boy group. The reasons are:

1. All of them is so talented. All members can sing well, can acting well, and can play some of musical instruments so well.
Jung Yong Hwa: singing, acting, guitar, piano, beatbox, dj, rap, drum, bass
Lee Jong Hyun: singing, acting, guitar, piano
Kang Min Hyuk: singing, acting, piano, drum, flute
Lee Jung Shin: singing, acting, rap, bass, guitar

2. They can entertain people so well. I always happy when I watch their concert on youtube. They so funny on the stage and it can entertain many people.

3. CNBLUE is a solid band. Since Jung Shin join CNBLUE, there is no member that left the group. Almost 8 years together.

4. Their songs are enjoyable.

5. And the main reason is: BECAUSE MIN HYUK IS SO CUTE.

Memasak itu menyenangkan, walaupun merepotkan. Tidak hanya tentang bgaimana memilih bahan yang tepat dan berkualitas, tetapi tentang bagaimana mengolah semua bahan-bahan agar menghasilkan rasa yang enak dan sehat.

Suatu ketika, saat aku sedang putus asa atau kecewa, memasak adalah pelarianku selain bermusik. Aku berkreasi untuk membuat sebuah masakan yang lezat untuk anggota keluargaku, terutama untuk kedua orang tuaku. Walaupun masakan yang saat itu aku buat bukanlah masakan kesukaan kedua orang tuaku, tetapi mereka senang sudah dibuatkan masakan oleh anak perempuan mereka satu-satunya. Hal itu yang membuatku senang dan kembali ceria lagi.

Aku tidak ingin berhenti memasak. Hanya saja, aku tidak memasak sepanjang hari. Banyak hal yang harus aku lakukan, yaitu bekerja di kantor dan mengeluti dunia musik yang dari dulu aku tekuni.

Seperti hari ini. Aku mencoba berkreasi kembali di dapur rumahku. Aku membagi hasil masakanku kepada adikku dan kali ini di mengatakan bahwa rasa masakanku jauh lebih enak dari pada masakan yang sama di waktu yang lalu. Mendengar hal itu, aku tersenyum bahagia.

Aku akan terus berusaha untuk meningkatkan rasa dan kualitas hasil masakanku agar di kemudian hari, aku bisa memasak untuk anggota keluarga kecilku.

Hello, how are you? Long time no write any post on my blog.

I just want to share my life story from the beginning when I started to write a story.

When I was a primary school student, I tried to wrote a poetry and a short story after I red that on a magazine.

After I grew up, when I was a junior high school student, I wrote a short story and my teacher post it on school's board. WOW! It has made me want to write more and more.

Yeah, I tried to write a short story maybe for once or twice a month and also the poetry. I wrote the short story in a paper and I don't save the paper. I hate that!

The time has passed. When I was a senior high school student, I started to write a small novel and I typed it on my laptop or at least, I write it on a book (I don't want to write it on the paper again). I showed my first novel to my friend and she said okay (because I was a beginner at that time). She said to me to improved my skill (of course I do it until now).

So, my first serious novel (not a very short novel again) was wrote  when I was a university student. I don't remember the year, but I guess it was on 2012. The title is Till It become a History (if i don't wrong). I never post it online because that novel is  about my own life. I don't want public to know (after I thought more and more).

And for my first online novel is on 2013, but I delete from my blog and I repost it on my wattpad on 2017. The title is "Elegi Hati" (the title is on Indonesian). Some pages are told about my life, but I change the place, the name, and the situation a little. But the end of that novel is very different from my life because my life is so bored (LOL it's true). So, it's better to change the half of the novel to entertain the readers.

After that, I found a online novel publisher.  The name is "Novel Nusantara". It's a free publisher (you will not get any paid for your novel). I post another novel there and there is a lot of readers. I'm happy and I proud of myself because of that. Many people like my novel.

Now, I move to my wattpad and I'm continuing to write my novel. I hope I can get more nice idea for my future novel.

I miss my piano course at school or outside the school. When I join every piano course, I feel so happy. I can play a piano freely, I can learn how to make an arrangement for a song, I can learn how to play the piano with the right hand position, and the other like that.

But, I can’t be a pianist. It’s just a hobby, not a job. But sometimes, when I have a time for think about it, it always bother me. Should I be a real pianist like Yiruma, Richard Clayderman, or the other famous pianist?

I want to be happy as a pianist, but maybe it’s not the best for me if be a pianist is my main job. But, it’s not make me stop to learn about piano. I still learning, learning, and learning.

First Love

Many people say that fall in love for the first time is unforgettable. I'm agree with them. Why? Because, I still can't forget about fall in love for the first time.

I was a teenager at that time. A senior high school student. I fell in love with a man that older than me. I can't hide that happiness moment although we're not a couple until now.

He is my friend. Not only at school, but at the other place. He is a nice and warm man. On the past, we talked a lot although just by a messenger or a text message. We talked about everything. Game, music, hobbies, food, and the other things. We talked and play a online game together until at a day, I tried to ask him to go to the church together. Unexpected, he said yes to me. So, we went to the nearest church together more than once.

Although we are not a couple until today, I still can't forget the moment that has made me happy at the past. I must say thank you to him.
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