I miss the moment when I was a senior high school student. I don't miss the subject like science and mathematics. I don't miss my school's area.

I miss the happiness and the sorrow on that time. When I can learn how to fell in love in the first time although I don't have any boyfriens. When I have some best friends. When I can join the club that I want to join. When I can go to the library and read the same book just to avoid some friends that I hate. When I...

Sometimes, I was happy at the moment. I have a friend that can talk to me on the holiday. We talk a lot almost everyday by messenger or text message.

But know, we are busy in our own. I miss the moment when we can talk freely.

I don't need a perfect friend. I just need a friend that always cheer me up whenever I'm sad. That's all.

To you, my old friend, can we be friend again? And start all over again? I don't care if there are some rumors about us like what happened in the past. We are friend. No more than that.

But, please don't blame me if sometimes I will fall in love again. I can't controll my heart.

Seafood at Bintaro Market

Udang Saus Mentega | Shrimp with Butter Sauce

Cumi Saus Tiram |Squid with Oyster Sauce

Price: Rp 30000 (Srimp), Rp 30000 (Squid)
Place: Seafood 32, Bintaro Market (Night), Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7.
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Indonesian - Chinese

Indonesian Lamb Soup

Sop Kambing | Lamb Soup
Price: Rp 25000 (Small), Rp 30000 (Large)
Place: Sate Mas Warno, Bintaro Market (Night), Bintaro Jaya Sektor 7.
Rating: 4.5/5
Type: Indonesian - Javanese

Suzy - Pretend (Cover)

Sunday, 25th 2018

Jakarta City View from the Train

Fried Chicken with Salted Egg

Instant Noodle with Egg and Beef Cornet

Coconut Ice

Some Facts About Me

Hi everybody!

Today I will tell you some facts about me. I know that some of you are curious.

Name: Melissa Dharmawan/Melissa Fu
Age: 23 yo.
Hometown: South Tangerang, Indonesia
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: chinese food, japanese food
Favorite instrument: piano, guitar
Favorite book: mostly romance novel
Favorite sport: swimming
Hobbies: playing piano, write a novel, cooking, take a photo, travelling
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Place I wanna visit someday: USA, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Copenhaegen, Swiss, New York, LA, Sidney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sapporo, Osaka, Jeju Island
Beach or Mountain: beach
Mini skirt or long jeans: mini skirt

Sorry for not posting any novel here. I post my novel on my wattpad account MelissaFu

Thank You

Q & A Part 2 (In Indonesian)

Hi guys! Kali ini aku akan menjawab beberapa pertanyaan yang belum terjawab. Semua pertanyaan ini terkumpul dari jaman bahela sampai detik ini.

Q: Apa yang kamu lakukan di hari libur/setelah pulang sekolah?
A: Kalau dulu main game + chatting sama temen. Sekarang sih lebih sering masak, dengerin musik/radio, baca majalah, nonton youtube, blogging/nulis di wattpad. Itu aja.

Q: Kenapa masuk jurusan IT?
A: Karena dulu aku merasa cocok aja.

Q: Novelnya bayak nih. Kenapa gak masuk ke penerbit aja?
A: Pernah masukin tapi gak lolos. hehe

Q: Kenapa kamu masih single?
A: What? No comment. (Sorry for this answer).

Q: Apa makanan indonesian kesukaanmu?
A: Semur, gudeg, nasi langgi, ayam goreng kalasan, pecel, tempe mendoan, soto ayam kadipiro (soto yang terkenal di yogya itu), apa lagi ya? kebanyakan sih makanan jawa, karena papaku dari jawa.

Q: Jawab jujur. Pernah suka sama temen satu kelas/satu angkatan gak?
A: Kalau mau jujur sih, pernah! Tapi cuma suka ya, bukan cinta. Sama dengan aku suka penggemar novelku.

Q: Apakah kamu pernah berpikir buat tinggal sendiri di suatu kota/negara?
A: Pernah. Bahkan dulu aku pernah kepikiran buat gak kuliah di jakarta/tangerang, tapi di kota lain. Pingin menghabiskan hari sendirian. Lega. Tapi gak terlealisasikan.

Sekian pertanyaan yang bisa aku jawab. Wanna ask me some question? Leave the comment on my blog.

Q & A

Welcome back to my blog!

I will answer some questions in this post.

Q: What is your real name? Who is Fu Xue Mei?
A: Fu Xue Mei is my chinese name, my rral name too.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Pink and orange

Q: How old are you
A: 24 years in this year

Q: What is your favorite kpop band or group?
A: CNBLUE is always my number one

Q: What do you do on weekend/free time?
A: Watching youtube/k drama, singing, shopping (not always do shopping, cooking, playing a piano, etc.

Q: What do you choose: become a pianist or a singer?
A: a pianist is better for me then a singer.

Q: What is the saddest k-drama have you ever watched?
A: Reply 1988 is great! Funny but sad too

Q: How can you improve your english? Better than some years ago (psstt, I'm following your social media since you using your 4shared)
A: Hahahaha... maybe by listening to many english song, watching movies, read english magazine, read english news, and watch kdrama with eng subtitle

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Can you guess? hahahahaha (just kidding). I'm single and free.

Q: Who is the korean guy that appeared on your IG story? (you capture your chat with him)
A: he is not my boyfriend. he is my friend.

Q: Do you want to be a chef?
A: no. only cook for my family and my friend. sometimes, my cake is mess and i need to throw it to the trash bin (LOL but it's true). I prefer to be a food photographer.

Q: What is the first k drama that you watch?
A: it's song hye kyo's drama that called autumn in my heart.

Q: What is your favorite fashion brand?
A: From eastern: uniqlo. From western: Mango (i like the pink long pants from mango), GAP, Zara (i like the knitted coat), umm... what else?

Q: how often do you wear make up?
A: I don't really like make up. just wear powder and lipstick (sometimes). I prefer to wear skin cake like mask, body lotion, sunblock, etc. So, i'm bad at using make up. I always ask my mom to put the make up for me (if there is a party). I prefer to have natural beauty. And the second reason is because I'm allergy to some make up product. So, I wear the same product for all time (only maybelline, revlon, clinique, and wardah (wardah is indonesian make up brand)).

There is no perfect person in the world. Although you say that someone is so perfect, she/he has a weakness. So, we have our strength and our weakness and it's different for every person.

Like me. Even some people say that I'm perfect or great, but I'm far from that. I have many kind if weakness too. If there is a people say that my music is great, it's not 100% true. My music is not perfect.

So, there is no 100% perfect people in the world.