First Love

Many people say that fall in love for the first time is unforgettable. I'm agree with them. Why? Because, I still can't forget about fall in love for the first time.

I was a teenager at that time. A senior high school student. I fell in love with a man that older than me. I can't hide that happiness moment although we're not a couple until now.

He is my friend. Not only at school, but at the other place. He is a nice and warm man. On the past, we talked a lot although just by a messenger or a text message. We talked about everything. Game, music, hobbies, food, and the other things. We talked and play a online game together until at a day, I tried to ask him to go to the church together. Unexpected, he said yes to me. So, we went to the nearest church together more than once.

Although we are not a couple until today, I still can't forget the moment that has made me happy at the past. I must say thank you to him.