Micro Lens Project: Pink Flowers

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I like to shoot about flower, especially a beautiful flower. When I walked in front of my house, I saw some of fallen flowers in front if my neighbor's house. So, I just tried to take some photo.

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One Time Photoshoot

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I remember when I was seventeen, I made this photo shoot. I thought that I can use this photo for something like profile picture.

I'm happy that I can do this photo shoot when I was young.

p.s.: I lost another photo because my notebook was broken, so I just post this photo.

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Food Photography,

Lalampa Photo Shoot

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Today I went to the market. I bought a snack that called Lalampa.

Lalampa is a snack from Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It made of glutinous rice filled with skipjack tuna (cakalang fish). This snack is turn rolled and wrapped inside a banana leaf.

I'm not a manadonese but I like Lalampa. I like the taste of the fish. It's a simple dish like Onigiri from Japan or Lemper from Java Island. Yeah, I like Lalampa....

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Short Story

If a Miracle Comes

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If a miracle comes....

A girl who was sitting in her bedroom has ever dream about a miracle.

"If a miracle comes to me, I will see you again," said her.

Her heart was fluttered. Her heart was tremble too. Year by year she have waited for someone that she want to meet again. She can't erase all her memories with that person.

Only him that want to cheers her when she was lying at hospital. Only him that want to make her smile when she was sick. Only him that want to shares laugh, smile, and even shares the tears with her.

In the middle of rain, she was sitting on her desk in front of a window. She didn't write or type any character. The paper was empty at all. The pas was lying on her desk. All her eyes was watching to the pouring rain outside with her head that lying on her desk.

She took her favorite coat and her maroon umbrella. She run outside from her house and went to the park.

"If a miracle comes today, I will see you once again," said her while she was running alone.

In the middle of the rain with the sound of thunder, a warm hand hold the same umbrella with her. The maroon umbrella.

"I love you," said him.
"Long time no see," said her.

The man hold her shoulder and hug her.

"I prayed to God every night before I went to my bed and now it has been one year since you left me. If our love is real, God will bring us back like the past," said her.
"Yes, I have waited you for a year. I have been counting the days and wait for your health," said him,
"Now you can see that I'm healthy like you said in your prayer," said her.
"Do you know what is my prayer?" asked him.
"Every Sunday my mom took me to the church and I secretly see you but I still wait for you. I want you to come back to my by your self, not by coincidence or deliberate. You said that you will wait for me too," said her.
"It's been one year since I left you and now you have run to meet me on this park," said him.
"It's because a miracle has come. It's 12:12, the same time when we met for the first time. As I saw you on the first time, you haven't changed," said her.
"This is the way I am. This is what supposed to be," said him.

One of his hand pull out the umbrella and her body, and then he whispered to her.

"I love you," said him.

He reached her face and than he kissed her.

"Now, I won't leave you again. Thanks for being healthy and you don't sad again," said him.
"Thanks for your laugh that you've shared to me before," said her.

Now, the girl and the boy was walking together in the park.

"I love you too," whispered her.

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Food Photography,

Food Hall Kitchen

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Today I went to Food Hall Kitchen Alam Sutera, Tangerang City. I bought a set of lunch. Because I like shrimp a lot, so I ordered shrimp.

Location: Food Hall Kitchen, Mall @ Alam Sutera

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Confession Song

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When I'm walking on the street
I don't enjoy the atmosphere
I just want to throw my sadness
I let my sadness blown by the air

I bring my memory with my piano
with my old piano I take all my confession I couldn't say
Now I try to throw that silly confession
Throw that into the down of the bridge

I always hide my fears even when I asleep
But once I feel afraid, I always get up
Inside the car that went on,
I cried a bit

I love you so much but I don't tell you
It's so awkward
Through a song that I made,
I want you to listen my confession

All words that I wanna say are the words that I lost
The words that I regret as I turned around
Please listen to my song
I'll play it for you if my pride allows me

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Have you ever imagine?
Do you ever think how's my feeling for you?
Since I was twenty,
We talk a lot like today

Now I realize that you are the only one
I never late to realize what I'm feeling now
We talk together
We share laugh and tears together

I think that I was on my own dream
Boy, I don't know when I can end my dream
My imagination is grow so fast
I fell in love with my best friend

I don't wanna ruin our friendship
Hide my feeling is the best I can do
When I see you walk with your love
All I can do is wake up from my dream

You are my precious friend I've ever had
I have treasure you in my life
I never regret to be your friend
I will keep you on my mind

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My Friend

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Morning sunshine with my friend is the best time that I have
when the birds tweet,
when the air turns into the dew,
I believe that you still with me, my friend

Many days we talk, many days we laugh
whether I'm happy or sad,
whether I'm angry or not.
you still in my mind no matter how you are

Maybe God has answer my prayer
I hope that I can have a friend like you
I don't want to be alone
in this morning I see the sunshine with my friend

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