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I just want to be happy. That's all.

I've ever made a mistake in the past. It's very embarrassing to me. I try to forget it, but sometimes I remain of it, especially when my friends tell me about their school days. I don't know what must I say to my colleagues, but in the future, I think I can't hide it. Someone can know my past.

I was a kid at that time. I think I was innocent at all. Do you think that a twelve years old girl can think carefully and seriously about love and dating? Do you think that a twelve years old girl can act like a eighteen years old girl?

Without you told me, I know what's on your mind. Maybe in the beginning you didn't want to try what have you done to me before. But, the more we talk, the more you try to do what have you do to me in the past.

Now, you've gone away.But, I must be careful in the future if I met a person like you again.

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