Q & A

Welcome back to my blog!

I will answer some questions in this post.

Q: What is your real name? Who is Fu Xue Mei?
A: Fu Xue Mei is my chinese name, my rral name too.

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Pink and orange

Q: How old are you
A: 24 years in this year

Q: What is your favorite kpop band or group?
A: CNBLUE is always my number one

Q: What do you do on weekend/free time?
A: Watching youtube/k drama, singing, shopping (not always do shopping, cooking, playing a piano, etc.

Q: What do you choose: become a pianist or a singer?
A: a pianist is better for me then a singer.

Q: What is the saddest k-drama have you ever watched?
A: Reply 1988 is great! Funny but sad too

Q: How can you improve your english? Better than some years ago (psstt, I'm following your social media since you using your 4shared)
A: Hahahaha... maybe by listening to many english song, watching movies, read english magazine, read english news, and watch kdrama with eng subtitle

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Can you guess? hahahahaha (just kidding). I'm single and free.

Q: Who is the korean guy that appeared on your IG story? (you capture your chat with him)
A: he is not my boyfriend. he is my friend.

Q: Do you want to be a chef?
A: no. only cook for my family and my friend. sometimes, my cake is mess and i need to throw it to the trash bin (LOL but it's true). I prefer to be a food photographer.

Q: What is the first k drama that you watch?
A: it's song hye kyo's drama that called autumn in my heart.

Q: What is your favorite fashion brand?
A: From eastern: uniqlo. From western: Mango (i like the pink long pants from mango), GAP, Zara (i like the knitted coat), umm... what else?

Q: how often do you wear make up?
A: I don't really like make up. just wear powder and lipstick (sometimes). I prefer to wear skin cake like mask, body lotion, sunblock, etc. So, i'm bad at using make up. I always ask my mom to put the make up for me (if there is a party). I prefer to have natural beauty. And the second reason is because I'm allergy to some make up product. So, I wear the same product for all time (only maybelline, revlon, clinique, and wardah (wardah is indonesian make up brand)).