Why I Like CNBLUE (Korean Band)

I like CNBLUE more than any south korean boy group. The reasons are:

1. All of them is so talented. All members can sing well, can acting well, and can play some of musical instruments so well.
Jung Yong Hwa: singing, acting, guitar, piano, beatbox, dj, rap, drum, bass
Lee Jong Hyun: singing, acting, guitar, piano
Kang Min Hyuk: singing, acting, piano, drum, flute
Lee Jung Shin: singing, acting, rap, bass, guitar

2. They can entertain people so well. I always happy when I watch their concert on youtube. They so funny on the stage and it can entertain many people.

3. CNBLUE is a solid band. Since Jung Shin join CNBLUE, there is no member that left the group. Almost 8 years together.

4. Their songs are enjoyable.

5. And the main reason is: BECAUSE MIN HYUK IS SO CUTE.