Missing My Chilhood Memories

I'm missing my childhood memories so bad. As a 90's liner (born on 90's), I have a lot of beautiful memories without any modern gadget (all I know at that moment were PC and DVD player).

When I was a primary school's student, I took a piano course once a week. I like it, although I didn't get good grades.

Other memory that I like is when I took a swimming course. I like swimming, more than playing a badminton. Swimming is a sport that I like, beside badminton, chest, and baseball.

Another beautiful memory that I remember is when I spend my second school's break time, I usually went to school's library. I like reading a book and I borrow a book every a week.

At that time, I didn't know about smartphone. I didn't know about facebook, although facebook has been released since 2004. Because my dad only use our home's internet for his work.

The most important and the most beautiful moment is when I can play with my friends outside our house. We played badminton, bicycling, hide and seek, and rubber jump or "lompat karet" (indonesian traditional game made from many rubber). We usually play it before we start our english course or after we finish our english course.