Random Thought

It's just my random thought. Forgive me of there is any mistake on this post.

Today I do random things. I cook, and then I lay on my bed. I'm so lazy.

I just though what should I do. I don't like to wear a lot of make up. I don't like to sit on the salon for more than cut my hair. I don't like to watch something on the cinema rather than watch something on the DVD.

I like surfing on the internet to find any new thing. Instagram, google, and Pinterest are my best friend. Facebook, twitter, and youtube are my neighbor. The other social media is just my aquaintance.

Lately I though should I re-design my bed room? I read Ikea's catalogue to many. Because of that, I want to design my future home.

First: I want to buy a new bed sheet. After that, I want to re-design my desk. Maybe in thw future, I want to buy some new wall decoration for my bed room.

I want to take a rest from composing a while. But for food photography, I don't want to take a rest.