Jakarta Food: Steamed Rice with Coconut Milk

Hello friends!

Do you know about steamed rice with coconut milk or uduk rice?

Uduk rice is a combination of rice with coconut milk from Jakarta city, Indonesia. I like this food. Uduk rice literally means "mixed rice" that related with aduk (mix).

Uduk rice is made by cooking rice soaked in coconut milk instead of water, along with clove, cinnamon, and lemongrass to add aroma. The coconut milk and spices gave oily rich tastes to the cooked rice. There are some fried shallots that sprinkled on top of the rice.

For the side dish, I order fried chicken as my favorite food (sometimes only). Personally, I prefer empal (sweet and spicy fried beef dish) than fried chicken. Because the kiosk don't sell empal, I choose to order fried chicken.