Food Hunting: MGM Resto Serpong

Me and my friends were going to a Chinese restaurant in Serpong Street, Serpong, South Tangerang, Indonesia. We all enjoyed the foods and we like the taste of all. Let me tell you about all dish that we ordered.

1. Free hot tea

We received one glass of free hot tea for each of us. The taste of the hot water is okay for us. We can drink it slowly while we were talking each other.
Our free hot tea.

2. Fried Wonton

We ordered a plate of fried wonton. One menu consist of five fried wontons. We like the center of the wonton, because there are minced chicken meats there. It's so tasteful!
Fried Wonton

3. Special fried Rice

My friend ordered a plate of special fried rice. The special fried rice consists of chicken meat, shrimp, egg, and fish meatballs. He said that he was so satisfied with the taste and the amount of the fried rice. Very glut!
Special Fried Rice

4.Shrimp with Butter and Soya Sauce

This is the dish that I ordered. I like the taste, although nothing's special on it.
Shrimp with Butter and Soya Sauce

5.Sour and Sweet Fish Fillet

Besides of my dish, I think that this dish is more tasty than mine. I don't know why, maybe because I like every sour and sweet dish.
Sour and Sweet Fish Fillet


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