Beautiful Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran beach a beautiful beach in west java (south east of west java) that located neat Ciamis city (± 4 hours from Bandung City, ± 6 hours from Jakarta by car).

There are several Beaches in Pangandaran, such as West Beach, East Beach, and White Sand Beach. If you want to see sun rise, you should go to East Beach, but if you want to see the sun set, you should go to West Beach because it’s more beautiful to see the sun rise at East Beach and see the sun set at West Beach.

The most of Pangandaran Beach has black sand, except the white sand beach. If you go to white sand beach, you can see the white sand, but it’s rare for many people to go to white sand beach because it’s located behind the Pangandaran National Park and the national park is located behind a bay beside the West Beach.

Except above, Pangandaran is a beach that famous for the fish auction (pelelangan ikan) . Every day, the fishermen can catch fish and sell it to the people. Except fish, fisherman can catch crab, shrimp, and squid too.

  • ·         West Beach

West Beach is a beach in Pangandaran that face to west. It’s call West Beach because it’s located in the west of a bay. There are many hotels in front of it. This Beach is beautiful when sun set at 17.30 p.m. – 18.00 a.m. People can go out from their hotels and see the sun set.

People can rent a bicycle for Rp 5000,-/hour and ride in the beach, playing a ball, surfing, and many more. In the evening (15.00 p.m. until sun set), people usually play in west beach. The beach can be so crowded at evening than the morning. People can buy handicraft too in the edge of the beach.

  • ·         East Beach
East Beach is a beach in Pangandaran that face to east. It’s call east because it’s located in the east of a bay. People usually go to East beach for see the sun rise at 05.00 a.m. – 06.00 a.m.

In this beach, you can’t surfing or ride a bicycle in East Beach because there’s a very steep retaining wall. In the east beach, there’re so many boats and we can call the east beach like a little harbor for the fisherman.

In front of the beach there’re so many seafood restaurant. We can eat fish, crab, squid, or shrimp. Except that, we can see a fish market in front of the East Beach.

  • ·         Pangandaran National Park
Behind the bay, there is a national park like a forest. You can go around in the national park just by walking, not riding a machine. You can ask for a guide to guide you while you’re traveling the national park. 

There’re many kind of animal in there such as monkeys, crabs, deers,  bats, and porcupines The porcupines and the bats live in the cave, so you must go to the cave to see the bats and the porcupines.

In the national park, there is a river that connected to East Beach and White Sands Beach. If we want to go to the White Sands Beach, you must cross the river by walking.

  • White Sand Beach
Behind the national park, there is a beach with white sand that called White Sand Beach. You can walk to go to this beach for about 20 minutes through the national park or boating for about 10 minutes from Pangandaran beach.

In this beach, you can swim, snorkeling, or diving because the retaining wall isn’t steep. You can see the clear water just by sit in the edge of the beach. People usually play in this beach in the morning until afternoon. People can sunbathe in the beach too. The wave in this beach is so small, so people can swim. Snorkeling at White Sand Beach is very exciting; people can see the underwater sights by the snorkel equipment.

Let's explore Pangandaran Beach!