Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Beach is a beach that located in Southern of West Java, Java Island, Indonesia. Pangandaran city is located near Ciamis city. You can go to Pangandaran if you can approach to Ciamis city first.

About public transportation.... I'm not sure. I know that you can approach Ciamis city by a train, but how about Pangandaran? It's a small city. I suggest you to approach Pangandaran by a car or a bus. I heard that there are many bus from Jakarta to Pangandaran, And also, I heard that there is a small airport there called "Nusawiru", but I don't know about it.

Pangandaran is a large fishing village situated on a narrow isthmus of land with Pangandaran National Park occupying the entire headland. On either side to the east and to the west of Pangandaran village and the National Park isthmus are two beaches of volcanic black sand.

I have stayed there for 3 days 2 nights on June, 2012. My father drove his car and bring my family. I enjoyed the view and the air.

Here're the photos from Pangandaran: