My Mood

Hello everybody!

I'm busy with my work now, so I can't post anything immediately now.

Every time I come back home after working, I feel so tired. All I want just sit on the sofa and watch the television or chat with my Mom or my Dad. That's all.

I think, family time is very important. Out live isn't just about working, working, and working, right? We need to socialize with our family too (if we still live at our parent's house). Our family need to know our condition too, especially our parents. That's why I'm pending my new novel because lately I want to spend my free time with my parents.

For my new novel, I'm writing a new novel with Japanese character. Sometimes, I need to move on from Korean to Japanese. Or maybe in the future, I can move to another culture like Chinese (because I'm Chinese), British, or American (well, I have wrote 2 novels with American culture and 1 novel with Chinese culture). I'm too often to write a Korean culture novel because I like K-drama.

How about soundcloud? I don't know. I don't know what song I should cover or what song should I write. I want to be a songwriter too but I don't really know that genre and that song that suitable with me. Haha.

So.... that's all about my daily life.